For several decades artificial intelligence (AI) has looked set to change the world as we know it. But what societal benefits will this technological revolution bring and will they be evenly spread?

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Artificial intelligence will have a larger impact on the world than the internet revolution has had so far, according to 62% of global CEOs in PwC’s 22nd Global CEO Survey, with 79% saying that AI is good for society. Google CEO Sundar Pichai has stated that AI is “more profound than fire or electricity.”

Since the 1950s the spectre of a predominant AI has been popularised in science…

Behind every successful organisation is a management team that has made and continues to make effective decisions, trade-offs and choices — there are many different types of decisions but what are the best approaches to decision-making and when they are appropriate?

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Using a broad definition of ‘decisions’ and ‘decision-making’ which includes the act of problem-solving, an organisation can use a number of decision-making frameworks:

  • Creative — e.g. defining a company’s strategy and product mix
  • Structured — e.g. choosing the next growth market
  • Diagnostic — e.g. identifying a vulnerable business unit
  • Predictive — e.g. forecasting the likelihood of a particular outcome

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